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  1. D

    Want to trade

    I believe I have successfully made my first tobacco cross. With a Native American Wild strain from Arizona. And theTurkish strain. I'm looking to trade Turkish seeds or my new cross for other varieties of cigarette tobacco. I am looking for more kinds to cross with native varieties. We have a...
  2. M

    Anyone have any pellet seeds? Any spare Turkish seeds?

    I'm new to the hobby and have a tough time getting decent germination rates, and it is really hard not to plant 20 seeds in the same place. I figure pellet seeds may help that. Anyone have a few spares? My Turkish attempts fizzled. I think these are Turkish anyway--Yellow Orinoco and Lizard...
  3. P

    The most fragrant Oriental?

    In your experience, what´s the most fragrant Oriental variety? (Still looking for another one to grow this year.)
  4. Jpcouling

    Ph of Oriental varieties

    I'm on an Oriental kick currently! What is the opinion about the Ph of Oriental varieties? I mean in context of being traditionally sun cured. I imagine it may be a little more acidic from the heat of the sun somewhat creating a flue cure effect?
  5. Jpcouling

    Aromatic composition of Oriental varities?

    Hey all, Seems like there is so much information on Oriental varieties that it is difficult to discern accuracy! One thing I would really like to hear about is why Oriental tobacco takes on many perfume like aromas and tastes? Phenolic compounds? Aromatic esters? I would love to hear others...
  6. Jpcouling

    Full Turkish blends?

    Hello to all my fellow growers and tobacco lovers! I am interested to know if anyone on this forum enjoys the taste and aroma of a fully Turkish blend for a cigarette? I have yet to try any homegrown Oriental or Turkish tobaccos either, any suggestions for who's or what I should try?
  7. D

    Xanthi Yaka

    I tested some recently dried Xanthi Yaka tonight. Wow! The flavor is out of this world. It was harsh, though, so it needs aging. Can't wait to taste it after kilning. If you like the perfumey aspects of Turkish varieties you will love this one. If you don't it might be too much. I like the...
  8. istanbulin

    Leaf Morphology of Turkish Tobaccos

    It's very hard to examine Turkish tobacco leaves because they have very different leaf forms. Also traditional names were mixed with scientific classification. This thread may be a little bit tough to read. The horizontal appearance of a tobacco leaf determines its leaf form. For describing...
  9. istanbulin


    According to a post about hookah (nargile) tobacco, I want to post a new topic because Tombac is a different and very interesting strain. The tobacco used in nargile is Tombac (Tömbeki). World's best tombacs are grown in Isfahan (Iran) following Iraq, Syria and all Arabia. There may be a very...
  10. deluxestogie

    Turkish Tobacco Growing Blog - in English Translation

    Below are links to an extensive and informative blog on tobacco growing in Turkey. The original blog: http://metingulesci.blogcu.com/ is in Turkish, though the vast collection of photographs can be viewed. By using the wonderful "translate page" feature of Google Translate, each of the...
  11. deluxestogie

    Review of Turkish Bitlis from Whole Leaf Tobacco

    If you're looking for an authentic "Turkish" aroma, like you find in Camel cigarettes, then FmGrowit's Bitlis, available on the www.wholeleaftobacco.com site, is the ticket. When I open the vapor-proof bag, it shouts, "Turkish Tobacco!" The name, Bitlis, is both a town and its surrounding...
  12. deluxestogie

    Rare Turkish Ootz Cigar

    Ootz is the Turkish name for the top 3 or so leaves of a plant. They tend to be tiny. They are said to be so highly valued in Turkey that none of it is ever exported. Now I know why. In the 2011 season, I grew some Izmir Ozbas (PI 494157). Izmir is the modern name for the ancient city...
  13. D

    Curing Tobacco for Cigarettes

    Last year my focus was on growing tobacco. and the final results of that tobacco show it. I have 15 lbs of tobacco I produced in only 220 square feet of space. sadly all that tobacco is suffering in the way of taste. I air cured it all which as it turns out was not the best choice for all of it...
  14. deluxestogie

    Comparing the morphology of Izmir Ozbas, Smyrna #9 and Xanthi Yaka 18A

    Here, I discuss the physical attributes of Izmir Ozbas, Smyrna #9 and Xanthi Yaka #18A, since I am currently growing these. All three were sourced from the National Plant Germplasm System - GRIN Nicotiana Collection. Izmir-Ozbas: Turkey 1984 GRIN_Pi494157 Smyrna No.9: Turkey 1962...