Whole Leaf Tobacco


  1. P

    The most fragrant Oriental?

    In your experience, what´s the most fragrant Oriental variety? (Still looking for another one to grow this year.)
  2. istanbulin

    Native Tobaccos of Australia

    As you know, N. tabacum contains some alkaloids uncluding nicotine but also they contain trace amounts of nornicotine, anabasine and others. But wild tobaccos generally contains more amount of noxious alkaloids. For example "Tree Tobacco" (N. glauca) has really very high amounts of anabasine...
  3. DrBob

    Big Bonner's Seedlings

    Early this spring I bet My tobacco farm on my new friend Larry a real tobacco farmer. I had him start my tobacco seedlings. I did not plant a single seed myself this year, I ordered my seedlings from him instead. I really did'nt have the proper greenhouse to do it myself and I reasoned that...