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  1. AmaxB

    I'm off the wall Brother

    Cigars been thinking about this the last few weeks. Today I decided to give it a shot, never been much for cigars but now that I have learned to grow and work with tobacco who knows... After making the one in the photo I think I will need to practice on getting the draw right. Rounding the end...
  2. FmGrowit

    Fair Trade Tobacco video channel

    Here' is a link to the new Fair Trade Video Channel. You can post your video in this forum and it will be moved to the youtube channel or you can email your video to me at Don@WholeLeafTobacco.com Your video can be anything from showing the progress of your plants to curing leaves. How to do...
  3. FmGrowit

    Cigar rolling video

    You'll probably have to watch this a few times before you actually see the cigar being rolled. There are some pretty distracting elements in the video, but it's worth watching...over and over again. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=puIXJ1w3iXY&feature=related Here's another video of a hand...