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Camel Cigarettes question


Sep 26, 2020
Hi all,

I have been reading the forums for some time and it's a pleasure to do.I currently live in Australia and we unfortunately are the strictest nation when it comes to tobacco, maybe after Bhutan.A pack of Camel filters with 25 cigarettes here costs now about 50 Australian dollars.It's the only brand that really tastes like a cigarette here.Since the introduction of plain packaging in 2011 all brands taste the same(they actually taste like nothing).I've been trying to find more info about what ingredients RJR uses in its camel cigarettes.This is what is written on their website: tobacco, water, brown sugar, glycerol, propylene glycol, hugh fructose corn syrup, sucrose, cellulose fiber, cocoa, licorice, diammonium phosphate,ammonium hydroxide, natural&artificial flavours.
I am assuming camel non-filters use flue-cured virginia, burley and oriental (50%, 30%, 20%).Oriental according to what is written on a pack is Samsun and Izmir tobacco.
Lets say I get the above mentioned tobaccos and mix them, I wont get something similar to a Camel right ? There is also the casing they use.But afaik, spraying the tobacco with the ingredients above wont really make you taste a sweeter cigarette.Some stuff is added to the tobacco to make it more pleasant so smoke, but what difference do added flavours make ? For example invert brown sugar sprayed on tobacco will still make it a little bit sticky at the end if you touch the tobacco, why is it not the case when i take a cigarette apart ? Some scientific papers say the percentage of additive is about 2% of the cigarette weight.Do these 2%, apart from the humectants and conservatives, make a difference to how a cigarette will taste ? US made Non-filter camels have a sweet and spicy taste, I guess most of it naturally comes from the tobacco but what difference do added flavours make ?
I tried to switch to ryo but I didnt like any of them, they taste too smokey and most smell like bbq.And here we dont really have a good selection.Buy ryo from "under the counter shops" are usually one type of whole leaf and not blended, they are either too harsh or taste too grassy.Not my thing.
So, lets say I get these types of tobaccos, will I ever get something similar to a Camel ? And can someone here explain how these additives add to the taste of the cigarette or is it mainly to done to make a cigarette less harsh ?


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Nov 11, 2017
The Gaspe, Quebec
Does a camel in Oz stink to high heaven? If it does, you'll need a bit of Maryland 609.
If a yankee cig is your thing, may I suggest buying WLT:

Add some turkish basma to the the blend,

And there you go.