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China Voodoo's Invertebrate Kiln


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Jan 11, 2020
Saskatchewan, Canada
I think so. One reason I haven't used something like that is there's a certain amount of directionality to it, meaning that you might be more likely to have a particularly hot spot in the kiln.
I have a whole bunch of PTC heaters I will send to anyone in canada free. They are 80w/120volt. If you use two in series you can reduce that to about 40w for the pair. PTC heaters are safer, should last longer and just easier to use than incadecent bulbs. I'm not sure what the max temp mine get up to...but I'm sure you would still need the thermostat(I have a bunch of those I would share with anyone in Canada too). This is all stuff I have for building incubators. For an incubator about 20 watts/square foot is ample to hold a constant temp of 100F.
A positive temperature coefficient heating element (PTC heating element) or self-regulating heater is an electrical resistance heater whose resistance increases significantly with temperature. The name self-regulating heater comes from the tendency of such heating elements to maintain a constant temperature.