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Whole Leaf Tobacco

Cigar Glue


Staff member
May 25, 2011
near Blacksburg, VA
I had never considered making dextrin. If it actually has no taste, then I would say that it would be ideal for cigars. It's apparently non-toxic and non-controversial.

I found this pictorial technique for cornstarch-->dextrin :http://www.wichitabuggywhip.com/fireworks/dextrin.html

They basically describe (including a vivid photo of a box of cornstarch!) the procedure that metalbone used. I assume that "zapped" means that you needed to heat the water for the dextrin to go into solution.

Jan 31, 2017
I must be stingy. I bought a bag of xanthan gum as pictured above, and it seems to be a lifetime supply. As for the lumps, I found if I mix it up a few hours in advance of when I'm going to use it, the lumps take care of themselves. It just takes time. I also found that I'm a messy gluer, you can see it when it dries and if on the outide of your wrapper, it's obvious.
Gum arabic on the other hand is invisible and easier to use in my opinion. I have a small bag of cigar glue from WLT also but since I haven't ran out of arabic glue yet, I haven't tried that one yet. I want to try the tragacanth but since I have 3 glues that work already...well I'm stingy, tragacanth will wait til I'm out of arabic and WLT glues.
And when I'm only rolling one to smoke right off the table, I'll get some of the honey from the kitchen cabinet and dab that on the inside edge of the leaf. I haven't had one of those come undone while smoking yet.