Whole Leaf Tobacco

colour cure green don't mulch it toast it

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Mar 30, 2015
Central Alberta Canada
]lSo I had some flue cure dry out 2 quick and dry green and I think I found a solution to make it smokeable I hate waste so I have been experimenting I will take you step by step though my procedure
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Pre heat oven to 265
I like to use a rack to put leaves onView attachment 16406
Bake for 25 min as it toasts you can definitely smell the nasty come out of it
1439225360649.jpg after toasting most of the green removed next step is casing I use 1/2 cup hot water 2 heaping tbls of brown sugar 1 tbsp of vanilla extract and one cup of black fresh brewed 1439225944979.jpg
Soak leaves in casing for about 10 min or untill saturated 1439226316958.jpg
Next it back in the oven for 25 min @265
At this point leaves will be very crispy all green will be gone and flavoring will be infuse into the tabacco I put tabacco leaves in a large colinder and place over a pot of boiling water to return it to a med high case
Place into zip lock overnight and all to come into case evenly
End result

Resulting tabacco is very flavorful mellow and low in nicotine make an excellent blend also will try and kiln a batch see what happens both after just toasting before casing and after finished cased product

I find the coffee really removes harsh raw taste and mellows it out I have tried diffrent flavors rum honey but this is my favorite so far
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