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Crasch Grow Log 2024


Aug 14, 2023
Montgomery County, Texas
This Spring I am growing Texas Cuban (left), Habano 2000 (middle), and Criollo 98 (right). I only seeded one single tiny seed per pod, and (as expected) germination rate was not 100%. I'll be pleased to end up with 5-6 plants of each variety, so all is well for now.

DSC_1142 Large.jpeg

I don't have any special setup for seedlings. The seeds germinated on a window sill indoors during the recent cold spell with freezing temperatures outside. Now the seedlings have been sitting outside on the patio table. They are shaded by the house in the morning, in full sun from about 11 until 2:30, and then in sun filtered through the leafless branches of an oak tree for the rest of the afternoon.

DSC_1135 Large.jpegDSC_1139 Large.jpeg

I'm moving them to shelter when rain is in the forecast so they don't get beaten to death, but other than that they are braving the elements. It still gets pretty cold at night. The tradeoff is to either get fresh air and bright natural sunlight every day with some cold nights, or for me to constantly forget to set them out from the warm but much darker house before I leave for work in the morning. My choice is to be patient with their progress as they tough it out outside (as long as we don't get another frost of course). These babies are still tiny tiny, but the first set of true leaves do appear to be coming in nicely.