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Curing Shade leaf in Flue barns

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May 30, 2018
Bladenboro, North Carolina
Priming is around the corner. And I need some idea of staging cure. As a flue grower, I rush cure, so I know wrapper is low and slow. But I read about curing fires in barns and I sure gotta wonder which way to go. My knee jerk reaction is to load the barn and push some air maybe start 100F advance up to 120, 1 degree an hour., keeping humidity up to prevent green set, then once I start to see some yellow color, start drying the air out, being careful to stay under 130 not to set color golden. This is where flue would differ, I would set 135 til I had dry Lamina (leaf), and drive to 180 F 2 to 3 degrees an hour to stem dry. So the question is, I think I know if I keep the air to it and the temperature in the 120s Ill get the color. But I assume if I drive up to stem cure Ill be "Kilning." Sure need some info on how not to rush it, and or ruin flavor profile. I don't really have open barns, only closed in flue barns to work with. Stick barns are pretty close, but not really alot of air flow. I plan to rack in bulk barns and just space it out. Issue there is I have to keep fan running constantly, so I have to balance power with getting it done as soon as reasonable. Any opinions?
Not open for further replies.