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Oct 16, 2012
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Herzegovina is an Oriental tobacco, grown in the districts of Stolac, Trebinje and Ljubuski in Bosnia & Herzegovina.


Growing regions of this tobacco (in Bosnia & Herzegovina) are very near to city of Mostar. You may all remember the Mostar Bridge which was a symbol of tolerance and cultural diversity of the city for 427 years. It was built in 1566 by a scholar of Mimar Sinan - Sinan the Architect. Unfortunately, the bridge was demolished in the Bosnian War in 1993. In 2003 a Turkish construction company restorated the bridge.

Herzegovina variety has been introduced in Italy in 1893 in Lecce, grown experimentally in different regions. This variety were made different selections, adapted to different environmental conditions in the growing areas in Italy.
In the early 70's the production of Herzegovina was 35% of the total production of Oriental tobacco of Italy..
Increased consumption of American blend cigarettes, and the reduction in the consumption of Oriental blend cigarettes led to the progressive decrease in the production of oriental tobaccos in Italy.
Only in recent years there has been a resumption of cultivation, concentrated in the province of Lecce. Because of this Herzegovina is generally called as (H)Erzegovina Lecce. (Italians always omit “h”).

The plant is generally about 1 m high, provides up to 35 leaves. Leaves are sessile, ovate and curved. The leaves are inserted on the stem with an acute angle, and very close to eachother. Flowers are pinkish.

Demands warm-dry weather, with some rain in spring and summer. It prefers medium-textured soils in medium fertility. Fertilization is limited, because high doses have a negative impact on the quality of the end product.

The transplanting in the field is carried out between the months of April and May, when plants healthy and strong enough. Herzegovina is transplanted with a spacing of 50 cm x 20-25 cm. Topping is not preferred.

Priming is the preferred method of collecting leaves, usually at an early stage of maturation. To complete the collection, it usually takes 4-5 steps. After sun curing, seasonal (natural) fermentation takes place, with a (n active) duration of about 15 days.

The dried and fermented leaves are bright yellow. Leaf texture is fine, gentle and flexible. Aroma is very faint, almost neutral. It has a good combustibility. Nicotine content is low. Herzegovina is used as a filler in (generally oriental blend) cigarettes.
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