Whole Leaf Tobacco

I have items for trade.

Smokin Harley

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Aug 25, 2014
Grant ,Alabama
Earlier this year I bought one of the Missouri Meerschaum smokeable seconds packs and received a few (doubles) that I do not care to keep. I can post a pic if anyone is interested. I was hoping for a churchwarden in the pack but it didn't happen.
I also happen to do a little leather work and could easily make up some custom 2 or possibly 3 finger leather cigar sleeves.

I would like to trade these items for something else.

Perhaps some Burley ,Maryland ,or possibly an aromatic leaf ready for pipe smoking.
Maybe you have a churchwarden pipe you don't mind parting with.
Maybe you have some tinned pipe tobacco around that just isn't your taste that you tried once or twice and its now just gathering dust and taking space on your shelf.
What have you got?