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Kuhn Rikon Mezzaluna 6" for pipe shred


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May 25, 2011
near Blacksburg, VA
Kuhn Rikon 6-inch Mezzaluna


I recently purchased this Kuhn Rikon 6" Mezzaluna blade for about $16. It was to be a backup, should my prized Kuhn Rikon 6" Kulu blade need to be replaced. For about a decade, I have used the Kulu blade for all my pipe tobacco shredding of whole leaf. (It has also served as my chaveta, for cigar rolling.) But the Kulu vanished from the market a few years ago.

Both of these are Swiss designs, from a Swiss company, though they are made in China (maybe utilizing Swiss steel, though I'm not sure of that). My Kulu has required sharpening perhaps two or three times per year, despite near constant use. Both of these blades are super-sharp.


As you can see from the above photo, the curvature of the blades is identical. But the lengths of the blades themselves are not. Yellow arrows indicate the ends of the Mezzaluna blade. So, it's about 1" shorter. I have not yet tried the Mezzaluna as a chaveta, but I assume it would work well, though with a somewhat shorter cutting arc.

I have found that the Mezzaluna makes slicing and cutting bundles or "cigars" of tobacco easier than with the Kulu. I assume that cutting plug. flake and coins would also be easier. The mechanical difference is that my hand can apply direct, downward force with the Mezzaluna handle, but only at an angle with the Kulu (even though I place my hand on the Kulu riser, rather than using its handle). And of course, a nice, fat handle is way more comfortable when applying force, than the thin, flat, back edge of a steel chaveta.


Alas! The Mezzaluna has become more difficult to find on-line over just the past two weeks. I'm not sure if Kuhn Rikon has discontinued its manufacture, of if supply issues from China are responsible. I purchased my Mezzaluna from
They are out of stock now. Searching for "Kuhn Rikon Mezzaluna", I see it still on several sites, though often paired with a ripple-cut Mezzaluna. (Heaven knows what that would do to a pipe shred.)



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Jul 10, 2021
I recently bought this very same knife after been inspired by one of your posts where you showed your Kulu knife of the same brand. As i didn't find the Kulu anywhere but found this one instead, i assumed it was a renewed version of the same and ordered it.

It's a bit smaller than I thought, but anway it works great. It is very sharp and very easy to handle. As you say, applying direct pressure with the hand helps a lot. I've been shredding quite a bit of tobacco with it, and I'm really happy so far.