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Letting your sticks rest...or... How long till I can smoke it?

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Aug 20, 2015
I have been rolling my own for about 8 months now.
In order for me to roll and smoke this is the method I use:
First off I buy my leaf online, so far I have never smelled anything other then delicious tobacco.
Moisture content is key. It needs to be dry yet pliable.
Typically, the filler tobacco comes at the right moisture for rolling, the binder and wrapper I will need to spray.
I'll take each individual leaf and spray at a 90 deg angle (not directly at the leafs) , just one side, then stack them wet side to dry side and place in plastic bag for a day or two.

I like my cigars rolled on the tight side so if the tobacco seems a little moist I will let the leafs I plan to roll sit out for half hour to an hour.
They need to bend without falling to pieces.
I roll them maybe 10 in long and then cut them in half. Maybe 4.5 to 5 inch cigars.
The shorter they are the easier the draw, especially if I smoke immediately . I'll let them sit for maybe a hour or until the wrapper looks dry.
If I don't have time to let the leafs dry before I roll, I'll roll less tightly. If I don't need to smoke them immediately I let them dry one day.
My blend is about 60% Dom Seco, 30 Nic, Seco, 10 Dom Ligero. Binder Nic Wrapper Equadorian
I roll almost every day and smoke 5-6 short cigars a day.
If I was to roll a 7 inch smoke them it would need to dry probably a week, it depends on the humidity in the room.
I have noticed in the winter they will dry a lot faster because to the dry heat in my house.
Hope this helps.


Feb 27, 2018
West Chester, PA
Roll them long and cut them in half . Smoke immediately .
You’ll get a smoother draw because there is less tobacco for it to go through .

You get a 30 to 40 minutes smoke . Smoke one but the other away .
I smoke 4 or 5 a day . That means 4 or 5 go to humidor each day.
Works for me .

Jim D

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Jan 31, 2017
It depends on the blend. I always smoke one right off the table that day. Some are good right away. Some blends are not. I recently had one that I was disappointed with at first but after 5-6 weeks I was impressed and will be making more.
There is not a one-rule-fits-all for this. It depends on the blend, the moisture of the leaf, and I don't know what else.
Try em new and if you like em, great! If not, try it again later. Layer may be 5 weeks, it may be 52 weeks...
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