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Whole Leaf Tobacco

Mosquito Protection that Works

Jul 20, 2018
New Zealand
Over at West Coast South Island New Zealand I camped out way up a river, years ago, looking for kyanite/fuschite, a blue/green stone, without any proper protection. First was getting eaten alive by sandflies that bite until it got dark. Then the mosquitos came out & I just hid under my sleeping bag. I was a bait... I ended finding a small piece, a pebble on the beach, not miles up the river toward the source.

Locals say 50% dettol (Dettol Topical Antiseptic Disinfectant Liquid) & 50% olive oil is as good as anything to repel mosquitos. I've heard the same a few times. So you end up smelling like a hospital, but is better than being eaten alive... just shake in small bottle & apply to skin :)

Once working on a river side for a few years over summer months I used a harsh aerosol repellant. It worked very well having to re spray not often. Later I used same brand as a cream which had aloevera. Had to repeat & use more often but thats what I preferred at the time, a lesser poison with aloe...

Not sure if its available in USA, but google "dettol USA" & theres some more info...