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My Homemade Dip/Chew Recipe:


Sep 9, 2019
Here is my latest recipe for making my own dip/chew:

By weight, I use a $30 digital scale that I bought on Amazon. I do 3 batches (pint jars) at a time because they fit in my boiling pot.

1. 200 grams dark air cured leaf (tear off and discard the big stems).
2. Grind up in food processor to about the consistency of traditional store-bought rough cut chew/dip.
3. Leave the ground leaves in the food processor.
4. Put pint jar on scale, zero, and add 10 grams of glycerine.
5. Zero the scale and add 35 grams of salt.
6. Zero again and add 190 grams of hot strong brewed dark roast coffee.
7. Put lid on the jar and shake to dissolve all the salt.
8. Turn food processor on and add the coffee/salt/glycerine mixture to the running food processor.
9. When it is completely mixed then pack it all into the pint jar. It will just fill the jar if packed in tight.
10. Put it in warm water bath as deep as possible without floating jar(s), cover and bring to boil, then turn heat down to low and let it boil slowly for 5 hours. Remove from water bath, let cool overnight, and store in fridge.

I like this recipe. I would choose this over the store bought stuff that I have been using for years. Of course, we all have different taste preferences. This one packed pint jar is roughly equivalent to 13 cans of store bought dip (1.2 oz cans). I did calculations based on the $20 per pound with postage that I paid for the leaves from wholeleaftobacco dot com and found that my homemade dip costs me a little less than 80 cents per can. Compare that to the price you pay at the store. Good luck. PS. I do not get notices on this forum so if you want to contact me directly you can email me at tokfac at gmail dot com.