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Realizations about blending and a few questions


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Sep 28, 2019
I've been experimenting with blending tobacco with 9 different varieties on hand. At first I was attempting to create blends by using at least 5 varieties at a time. Realizing this approach created too many valuables I've now been narrowing down the varieties I use in one blend to 3 at a time. This has transformed my experience in a more positive direction while helping me create a blend I truly like.
I just thought I would mention this because any newbies like myself who are experimenting with blending should be aware more definitely isn't necessarily better.

I also have a few questions someone might be able to answer.

Is it alright to toast VA. Red flue cured? Not sure if this is just a waste or if this type of tobacco would lend well to toasting.

Does toasting Burley help it burn better?
Also, does toasting burley decrease nicotine substantially?

One last question is, what's a good blend using Maryland 609?
I love the smell of this tobacco but am having a hard time finding a good place for it.


Sep 1, 2014
Edmonton, AB, CA
I usually don't even blend more than three. In fact, I usually smoke one tobacco at a time.

Yes, toasting Red VA is ok. It will not ruin the tobacco but will also not change it much. Do a little and see if it was worth your time.

Toasting burley removes some of the proteins and this reduces the pH of the smoke, so it will reduce the absorption of nicotine, but you will probably like it more and smoke more, so I think it all evens out.

I gave up on Maryland. I found it gave too much nicotine buzz. Maybe this is a different batch. Mine was about 5 years ago. Bob swears by it as a black cavendish. I recommend the pressure cooker method found in the key threads section.