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Northwood seeds

Seed package artwork/info.

Mar 27, 2017
Ottawa, Kansas
I was just thinking how great it is to flip through some seed packs and think, how nice it is to read quickly, the description of the types of tobacco I choose to grow.
I had a lot of packs that only had the name on them and wondered, -now wtf is this one used for?-!
Anyone else order seed, only to find out that the seller, thinking they were a professional site, find out that they were just throwing their seed in a envelope with only a name on it?


Well-Known Member
Sep 10, 2016
West Central Alabama
Lol. Yes. I purchased a few strains from the Ukraine and Russia. A few showed up with all writing in Russian. After scratching my head for a while I sent them a message and they helped me figure things out. They were very nice folks and a few seeds did not show up at all and they refunded me right away. All together I've got seed from Germany, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Ukraine, Russian, Canada, and Bolivia. I've got what you'd call an international smorgasbord grow going on this year. Many of my seeds come from a guy who is a member here. He is in Canada and has a lot of strains for sale under the name SpicyAcres on ebay. I might add that every seed I bought from him has germinated. Nice guy to deal with.

As you hang out here on the site many of us swap/trade seed. So kick back and get to know some folks. They are all willing to help with any questions you may have. When I joined this site I spent weeks just reading threads and asking questions before I even bought a seed or tray.