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Single vintage cigar found today

Smokin Harley

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Aug 25, 2014
Grant ,Alabama
Manufactured just over 24 years ago .Its a Dutch Masters. It originally came in a box of pink "Its a Girl" cigars. I had bought a box when my daughter was born...Just a little skinny old cellophane wrapped corona I would imagine. the wrapper itself is intact but appears as it got slightly bent in the middle somewhere along the years. I save stuff and today while cleaning the garage to make room for some of my sons stuff (hes finally coming to live with us after his narcissistic mother decided to throw both kids out of the house with a months notice...by text) I found a little box of stuff and there it was. Made me stop and think for a second. Where did all those years go?
I'm not sure if or when I plan on smoking it. I had thought of the day a grandchild is born out of her but shes already sworn off having kids.