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Some new and some old friends


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May 17, 2011
Freedom, Ohio, United States
It's back. Paraguay Flojo Africa Viso and now Ligero are back in stock. Both are the "A" grade I had years ago and they are both longer than in the past. At nearly 24" long, this is some of the longest filler leaves you'll ever see.
Paraguay Viso.jpg

paraguay Ligero.jpg

Habano 92 wrapper
This tobacco is a wrapper grade and as wide as it long. To use this short wrapper, all you have to do is cut your wrapper an inch or so wider to get the coverage you need in the length of the cigar. Everyone who smelled the room note said the same thing "It smells sweet". I rolled a puro and the first thing that came to mind was very subtle hints of chocolate-covered cherries. There are only 400 lbs of this tobacco until it is gone.
Habano 92.jpg

ASP Nicaragua Ligero
ASP will not sell this tobacco to an American manufacturer. It is said the tobacco is too strong for the American market. See for yourself.
ASP Nicaragua Ligero.jpg

Ecuador Habano Bronceado Wrapper: This is a decent-sized (16" - 18"), medium body leaf, with a very uniform chestnut brown color.
Ecuador Bronceado Wrapper.jpg

Ecuador Los Rios wrapper. Nearly Maduro in color, this leaf is bordering "leathery" in texture.

Ecuador Habano Los Rios 1.jpg

Ecuador Habano Corona wrapper. This is much larger than I would have imagined a Corona wrapper would be, but this is the first time we've ever offered a Corona wrapper, so I had nothing to compare it too. Very heavy body, thick and leathery with great elasticity. This should also be a vitamin "N" bomb.

Ecuador Habano Corona 1.jpg


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Jun 16, 2019
NE Ohio
We have currently, and literally at our fingertips, a cornucopia of produce that all kings of the past might not have achieved. What will we do with it?

Thanks for bringing it in, Don.

(been meaning to try flojo and others for a while, guess I have no excuse now)


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May 15, 2020
Ontario Canada
I think the best course of action is to obsessively check the website until its burned in, and you start to hear voices telling you that there's something new.
Every night I do just that it will take a while as I haven't even rolled one cigar yet soaking it all up first.
I remember usless knowledge from years ago but some times when I go dowstairs to get a tool I can't remember what I went down for the golden years ha ha ha creeping up on me bummer.