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tech 1 shredder on ebay


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Aug 2, 2014
Donegal, Ireland
If you go on to the German ebay, there are usually loads of them.  Just to give my experience, if anyone is interested, I bought a Teck 1 a few years ago.  The problem with buying them on the internet, is that you're buying them 'sight unseen'.  While mine worked wonderfully for a while, it is really not meant as your standalone shredder, particularly if you are shredding any sizeable amount of leaf.  It works off of a worm and roller system (although the terminology may be slightly different, but you know what I mean), which are made of brass, and have a tendency to wear over time.  I actually had the worm thingy remade by a machinist some time ago, but as the crown gear that it rides on was also worn, it didn't last for a long time.  My lovely Teck 1 is now a beloved ornament, sitting on a shelf.....