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Updated Cannabis Policy

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Sep 1, 2014
Edmonton, AB, CA
I would like to offer clarification about where we as a forum stand on posts about cannabis. The reason for a strict policy is because we are already subject to scrutiny because of tobacco.

Recently, due to changes in legality in different places around the world, I feel it is important to clarify where we now stand.

Jurisdiction is irrelevant.
These rules apply whether or not you live in a place where its legal to grow.

No discussion about it.
Only casual but appropriate mention in relation to a tobacco centric topic is allowed.

This came up recently when someone asked about tobacco's photoperiodic sensitivity, compared to that of cannabis--a reasonable discussion because we were focused on tobacco. Before today we had a zero tolerance policy, so that particular discussion got edited. We are loosening only slightly. We do our best to be fair, and want to welcome discussion, but if you get edited and feel like pushing back, or complaining... please don't.

No photos.
This includes hemp, weed that only has CBD, etc.

No discussion of how-to.

No talking in code.
I don't know if you've been in cannabis forums but they all sound like babbling idiots. "Someone who isn't me" ie. SWIM did this, SWIM grew that. If you feel the need to use obscure language, it's probably not forum appropriate.

No politics.
Politics is still off the table. Zero complaining about loosening of cannabis restrictions vs tightening of tobacco restrictions. It's nauseating and derivative, and everyone already knows.

There is zero tolerance of discussion of other drugs, hallucinogens etc.
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