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What Pipe or Pipe Tobacco Did You Smoke Today? [pics]


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Jan 18, 2018
Austin, TX
Had a pipe of Frog Morton Across the Pond late Saturday night (no pic - was too dark). I selected it on a whim; I'd received a tin a over a year ago as a new pipe smoker and after trying a bowl was not impressed at all. I remember I found it distinctly boring. I jarred the rest and immediately forgot about it until I came across it the other night rummaging through my hoard. However, I was struck this weekend on how it really is a nice blend with subtle flavor notes. Nothing earth shattering, but enjoyable.

I'm mainly posting this as an illustration on how one's palette develops over time. It's kinda like red wine. When you first start drinking red wine, they all taste similar, but the more of them you try, the more you notice the differences and nuances and develop preferences (which can also change over time).