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When to smoke

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Aug 31, 2014
Nashville TN
i think I overloaded on the ligero/viso leaf..even guy who likes a medium-strong cigar this thing would given King Kong a tobacco rush HaHa


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Oct 18, 2012
NE Alabama
I have question here? I just rolled several nice cigars [first ones in awhile] and after few days resting tried 2/3 tonight and they lit and burned great [even had nice white ash on them] they were so harsh tasting like how can explain? like trying to relite a cigerette butt!! harsh/charcoal/burnt taste and these are {suppose to be} great cigar leaves?? Am hopeful that I just let them age/rest alittle longer maybe mellow out more?

Before you lay down your cigar for later, try blowing the smoke out of the cigar. If I lay down a cigar for later and forget to blow out the smoke it will taste stale and like you say a relit cigarette. Just exhale into the cigar to blow out the stale smoke before you lay it down. It won't matter if it's still lit, that smoke won't be pulled back into the cigar by itself.


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Aug 29, 2017
Everybody has their own process, here's mine:day 1: case leaves, put in plastic bagsday 2: roll dolls, place in molds and pressday 3: wrapday 4-6: dry on rolling boardday 7: band, place in dry box (a cedar cigar box with no humidity source. Lid closed)day 8-30 dry boxday 31- smoke time: standard 70/70 humidor I have a pipeline so I see no need to smoke ROTT, although I can see why some would be impatient. As far as evaluating the condition of sticks smoked ASAP. I'd say at a minimum let it sit in the rolling board for a few days. That will allow the wrapper to dry out and the glue to dry. If you choose to smoke young, observe the condition of the burn. A stick that is still too moist will be a bit harsh on the back of the throat, have a dark grey ash and may have an irregular burn line. A properly humidified stick will have a smooth taste, (assuming the underlying tobacco was properly aged before you bought it) a firm white ash and a razor straight burn line. I understand you want to smoke them immediately, but remember: you are also evaluating your blend. If you get a false impression of harshness because you smoked too young, you may pass on a blend that is truly remarkable once it has proper time on it. If you must roll and smoke young, I recommend reserve at least 2 of the blend to smoke at 6 weeks and 45 days. You'll be amazed at how much better they taste. I suspect you'll even wish you had the ROTT sticks back :)


Feb 27, 2018
West Chester, PA
I’ve been rolling my own for three years now .
This is what I’ve learned .
I roll 4 or 5 cigars a day 8 to 10 inches long then cut them in half.
I do this for few reasons .
I prefer 30 to 40 minute smokes and I smoke them immediately .
Also cutting in half will ensure a smoother draw from fresh rolled.
I smoke 4 or five Cigars a day that means half can go in the humidor for times when I can’t roll .
I roll old school which means I do not use a press .
To do this and a have a good cigar to smoke there are a few things you need to know.

1: you need good tobacco.
I have rolled enough Cigars to know that it needs to have the correct water content and enough resin content in the leaf to give a nice smooth taste . Cigar leaf that is been cured or fermented long enough will not smell or taste like ammonia .
Especially the left ligero tobacco, should look thicker than the other tobacco and feel gummy .

2: The filler should not be wet and it should not be so dry that it cracks . You should be able to roll it without it cracking in your hands. If it’s too wet you will have a hard time with the draw if it’s too dry it’ll burn quickly and taste hot, dry and nasty. . If you wish to smoke the cigar right away the binder and wrapper should not be excessively moist either . My wrapper is usually moister than my binder but not excessively .

3: I like my Cigars tight so that part that goes in your mouth does not turn to sponge with a few draws.
Therefore I pinch tightly and press tightly as I roll, making sure that the leaf stays straight and that it does not twist and I smoke from the cut end.

This is a picture of a typical 4in cigar.


I recommend hold heartedly . Great selection and fast shipping .
Have fun and smokem if you got them.


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