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Curing Arrangements for Cigarette Tobacco in a Dry Climate


Jun 22, 2021
Myself and many others here use a crock pot for both heat and humidity. ChinaVoodoo uses shielded incandescent light bulbs for his heat source. Following are the plans for three of those. The ChinaVoodoo build is elegant in its simplicity, low cost, and ease of build. There are several others on the forum, the LeftyRighty build is from an old upright fridge or freezer. Already insulated with a nice door seal. You can find that one with the search function.
deluxestogie’s build includes instructions for flue curing, the method, temps, humidity and how to read the flue curing chart I posted earlier.

DGBAMA’s thread is about air curing in his box. We were in an extremely dry, hot year in Alabama and air curing in his box was the best way to prevent drying green. Very similar to your situation. In his thread you will find ideal air curing conditions and the methods he used to achieve them.

You could air cure the Burley in your current box as the temps won’t have to reach kilning or flue curing temperatures. You will just need to duplicate ideal air curing conditions, easily accomplished with what you currently have. Instructions in the DGBAMA thread.

You could use the flue cure method for your flue cure Virginia varieties with your new insulated box. Instructions in the Deluxestogie thread. Holler if you need us.
So if I was to hang my burley in my box green at what temperature and humidity should I run it at so they don't dry green and how long should it take to be ready do you think? And with the Virginia gold how should I do it?